Who We Are

The Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association is an organization comprised of the men and women who serve the citizens of Washoe County as Deputy Sheriffs.

The Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association works to promote public safety and awareness in Washoe County. The Association represents its members in concordance with the WCSDA Labor Agreement, Nevada Revised Statutes, specifically, Chapter 289, Peace Officer Rights and Chapter 288, Relations Between Governments and Public Employees.

The Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association works with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, local and state governments, and our citizens in the pursuit of criminal justice while protecting the rights of its members.

The WCSDA Board of Directors strives to uphold the honor of serving as a Deputy Sheriff in Washoe County by encouraging its members to act professionally and lead by example both on and off the job. The WCSDA promotes a closer fraternal bond within its membership for mutual benefits, to promote the individual well being of each member or members collectively, and to enable members to speak with a common voice. The WCSDA members have a long history of participating in educational, social, and service activities throughout Washoe County and the State of Nevada.

The Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association recognizes the importance of hiring and retaining Deputy Sheriffs that are capable of exemplary performance in their policing duties. Therefore, the Association continually endeavors to maintain and improve healthy, safe, and productive working conditions for its members.

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