Endorsements 2012


Nevada Supreme Court:
Justice Michael Cherry
Justice Michael Douglas
Justice Nancy Saitta

Second Judicial District Court:
Scott Freeman

Reno Justice Court:
Patricia Lynch

US Congress:    
District 4    
Steven A. Horsford   (D) CD 4 – Las Vegas
State Senate:    
Debbie Smith   (D) SD 13 – Sparks
Kelvin Atkinson   (D) SD 4 – Las Vegas
Joyce Woodhouse   (D) SD 5 – Las Vegas
Benjamin Erez Yerushalmi   (D) SD 6 – Las Vegas
Justin Jones   (D) SD 9 – Las Vegas
Dave Parks   (D) SD 7 – Las Vegas
Aaron Darnell Ford   (D) SD 11 – Las Vegas
Sheila Leslie   (D) SD 15 – Reno
State Assembly:    
Marilyn Kirkpatrick   (D) AD 1 – Las Vegas
John Hambric     (R) AD 2 – Las Vegas
Peggy Pierce   (D) AD 3 – Las Vegas
Michele Fiore   (R) AD 4 – Las Vegas
Marilyn Dondero Loop   (D) AD 5 – Las Vegas
Harvey Munford   (D) AD 6 – Las Vegas
Dina Neal   (D) AD 7 – Las Vegas
Andrew B. Martin   (D) AD 9 – Las Vegas
Jason Frierson   (D) AD 8 – Las Vegas
Joe Hogan   (D) AD 10 – Las Vegas
Olivia Diaz   (D) AD 11 – Las Vegas
James Ohrenschall   (D) AD 12 – Las Vegas
Louis M. Desalvio   (D) AD 13 – Las Vegas
Maggie Carlton   (D) AD 14 – Las Vegas
Elliot Anderson   (D) AD 15 – Las Vegas
Heidi Swank   (D) AD 16 – Las Vegas
Richard Carillo   (D) AD 18 – Las Vegas
Felipe Rodriquez   (D) AD 19 – Las Vegas
Andrew M. Eisen   (D) AD 21 – Las Vegas
Lynn Steward   (R) AD 22 – Las Vegas
Randy Kirner   (R) AD 26 – Reno
Lucy Flores   (D) AD 28 – Las Vegas
April Mastroluca   (D) AD 29 – Las Vegas
Mike Sprinkle   (D) AD 30 – Sparks
Ira Hansen   (R) AD 32 – Reno
John Ellison   (R) AD 33 – Elko and Rural
William Horne   (D) AD 34 – Las Vegas
Nathan Sosa   (D) AD 35 – Las Vegas
Marcus Conklin   (D) AD 37 – Las Vegas
Tom Grady   (R) AD 38 – Yerington and Rural
Pete Livermore   (R) AD 40 – Carson City and Rural
Paul Aizley   (D) AD 41 – Las Vegas
Irene Bustamante - Adams   (D) AD 42- Las Vegas
David Bobzien   (D) AD 24 – Reno
Teresa Benitez - Thompson   (D) AD 27 – Reno
Skip Daly   (D) AD 31 – Sparks

The 2012 election year is underway!! The Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association is now accepting requests for candidate interviews and endorsements. For an endorsement request please contact:

Tim Ross, President, Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you

About Our Sheriff

Sheriff-Haley-PicSheriff Mike Haley has served the citizens of Washoe County for well over 30 years. He began his career in 1980 and has worked in a variety of assignments including Detention, Patrol, Detectives, and Administration. Sheriff Haley has many years of experience with the Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association, both as a Deputy Member and as the Sheriff of Washoe County. Sheriff Haley and his Administration have supported, maintained, and encouraged an open door policy with the Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association. Sheriff Haley’s willingness to build relationships and work together with the Association has paved the way for much progress.

Sheriff Haley accomplished the difficult task of cutting millions of dollars from the operating budget during the recent recession. Despite these cuts, he has never compromised on maintaining a safe community, the top priority of the Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association. The WCSDA is honored and pleased to have Mike Haley as our Sheriff and will continue to support him.

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